Universial IR Remote Controller for Internet Connected Entertainment Controller using Assembley and C and JNI



Integrated Systems Design Center pSOS porting group

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San Diego, CA 3/97 to 9/99 (Formerly Doctor Design)

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Designed board support firmware for the following embedded processors:


  • STRONGARM (SA1100) Wrote touch screen, pushbutton and Infrared Universal Remote device drivers using (VxWorks) Wind Rivers for ARM. Utilized the Brutus reference board for this remote controller web browser utilizing assembly, C and Java Native Methods for the device drivers. Personal Java was ported to this platform.


  • Z86L73 microcontroller for universal remote controller modified to work with SA-1100 via the serial codec. Used Zilog Universal Remote SDK and modified it to work under control of the SA1100 via a parallel port on the codec (UCB1200).
  •  Mips(5000) Ported OPTIC graphics driver to S3, ET4000, and Cirrus 54xx graphics cards to pSOS as installable device drivers utilizing assembly, C .