NASA’s Near Space Communications Space Modem Integration at White Sands, NM



Allied Signal Technical Service Corp., White Sands, New Mexico 3/93 to 6/93.

Performed system integration at White Sands ground terminal of around 250 digital space modems (that I spent 3 1/2 years helping develop) to the TDRSS II geosynchronous relay satellite system and users/satellite(s) (HUBBLE, SHUTTLE, etc.). All low flying NASA satellites use this system.

First Test of the New Space Modem:

I was manually controlled one of the TDRSS II steerable beam antennas enabling relaying to a GEOS satellite in the first test of the new space modem.

14.5 dB S/N. Everyone just looked at each other and yelled.

Michael Flynn’s who was the original system engineer at Interstate had also joined Allied at the ground station. His baby was alive.

Provided solutions to LAN (IEEE-802.3) network system and MIL-STD-1553 system problems at the ground terminal.

Detailed embedded FW-ASIC Development and Maintenance plans for NASA’s ground terminal.