PCS Cell Site Tranceiver Automated Test Station using LabWindows

remec pcs test set


Remec Wireless, Inc., San Diego, CA – 3/95 to 12/95.

Designed automated test equipment for (23/38/50 GHZ) PCS communication systems IF Processor Module testing using LabWindows/CVI. Used Philips 87C752 microcomputer for embedded intelligent RF coaxial switch controller and for intelligent RF attenuator controller. Intelligent controllers were controlled using an Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) bus.

Designed automated test equipment (bed of nails) to test a single board computer that utilized a Philips 83C552 microcomputer. Wrote (GUI)software for the manual tester using LabWindows/CVI and wrote another automated program using MicroSoft TEST to control another third party Windows telemetry application as well as the LabWindows/CVI program to test boards. Used ORCAD for Windows for hardware design.

Ported a DOS based C02 Laser Cutting Control Program to Windows 3.1 using Visual C. Controller utilized AutoCAD DXF files for cutting information of flexible microwave print circuit boards for microwave subassemblies. Program controlled Anorad and Asymtek NC controllers .