D5 Trident Missile Test Set



Northrop Electro – Mechanical Division, Anaheim, CA 9/85 to 4/89

SW/HW Lead for an embedded Real-Time RISC (64-bit AMD 2900) controller for a missile (TRIDENT-D5 Missile) checkout system . This system tests all Trident D5 Nuclear Missiles in the full up-right position prior to being loaded onto the Trident submarines.

Designed the system, the hardware and wrote custom micro code for the following device drivers with their hardware: 

MIL-STD 1553 Bus Controller device driver HW/FW.

Control telemetry receiver device driver HW/FW.

Monitoring telemetry generator device driver HW/ FW.

Console Data Acquisition device driver HW/ FW.

White paper design of Missile embedded 68000-based data acquisition system.

Designed an Intel 8748 Missile (D5) telemetry simulator HW/FW.