Automatic tester for cell phone to Cadillac factory test



Hughes Network Systems, San Diego, CA – 10/93 to 1/94.

Designed Windows 3.1 device driver for a PC-AT bus card that interfaced to a new type of CSMA/CR communications bus to be used in all 1996 California automobiles. This 1996 Cadillac/Oldsmobile communications bus simulator is used to test the interface to a digital (TDMA) cellular phone.

Wrote Windows program to simulate the communications between the automobile embedded controllers that the cellular phone had to communicate with on this bus (SAE J1850 bus). Device driver utilized DOS Protected Mode (DPMI) code and operated in a multi-tasking, multi-mode operation (DOS applications and Windows simultaneously). Used Borland C++ tools. Designed a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to control the PC-AT card as well as a client-server interface to support automated testing using a PC-AT platform provided GMC. Used Borland C++ tools.