DO-160B Level A Compliance Testing for Avionics AE-653 OS for 767 and C-130



Wind River Services, Grand Rapids, MI. 1/05 to 6/05

Worked on Wind River Systems AE653 Avionics Operating System problems for the Boeing 767 Tanker and C-130 aircraft.


Recommended and implemented Tektronix/Wind River ( LA TRACE) logic analyzer solution to analyze and resolve OS problems and performance verification and certification per DO-160B, Level A.

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I was asked to come up with a test scheme for the flight OS that required all test code to be stripped out of the AE653 OS code base prior test certification to DO-160B.


The solution I recommended was using a logic analyzer to trace the running code and correlate the trace to OS source code.  In researching that approach I found a discontinued product that Wind River and Tektronix has co-ventured a few years back called “LA Trace.” I worked closely with the local Tektronix’s rep out of Detroit and the original project engineers in Tektronix Oregon to get the approach tested and verified.

The logic analyzer controlled Wind River’s Prism source level debugger allowing all test code to be stripped out of the AE653 OS required for DO-160B Level A certification testing.

The Flight computers utilized were Motorola PPC 750 and 7410.

The product was the integration of Tektronix’s high end logic analyzer and Wind River’s Prism toolchain.

The AE653 OS code could be traced in real-time by the logic analyzer and time and performance could be evaluated without test code per requirement.